Blush & Gold

London-based brand Blush and Gold create stunning wedding stationery and planners that are perfect for organising your big day! Each meticulously thought out planner features 150+ pages of worksheets, inspo and mood boards to help keep you on track throughout the wedding planning process. These luxurious planners combine form and function with elegance, making them an ideal gift for newly engaged couples or just as a present for yourself!
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Planning a wedding is no mean feat! Enter Blush and Gold wedding planners! A fantastic companion from engagement to aisle, these luxury notebooks feature a whole world of inspiration, worksheets and planning tools to support you in creating the wedding of your dreams. 

Super practical and gorgeous too, Blush & Gold wedding planner books come in a range of sophisticated compact styles, which are perfect for slipping into your handbag. Whether you’re heading to the boutique to try on gowns with your maids or viewing venues with your beau to be, these gorgeous wedding planners will help you to stay on track with wedding planning and inspire you to new bridal heights. 

For LGBTQ and gender non-conforming couples, Blush & Gold have created a fantastic gender-neutral wedding planner. These stunning wedding planning journals feature a plethora of checklists, questions to ask and customisable mood boards, as well as gender-inclusive language to give couples the ability to showcase their individuality.

If you love staying organised and on top of things, these elegant Blush & Gold wedding planners are just the thing for you. Great as a gift, or just as a little treat for yourself, they’re sure to keep you on track as you delve into the exciting world of wedding planning! At Lace & Favour, we offer a wide range of wedding stationery and planners to help you create the big day of your dreams. Shop the Blush & Gold range here today.