Heel Stoppers

Our handy heel stoppers are the perfect solution for any outdoor event. For a day at the races, garden parties, and outdoor weddings, these clever inventions help to keep your heels clean as you strut your stuff. With new, elegant, and exciting designs available, we can help you avoid that sinking feeling and protect your carefully chosen heels from wear or damage. As seen on Dragon’s Den, the original heel stoppers took the Dragon’s by storm and received investment from Deborah Meaden. High praise indeed, and a must have if you're enjoying a special occasion indoors or outdoors.

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Clean Heel Stoppers

“They’re a must for outdoors when the ground isn’t great to walk on. They also help women to move around better in heels and they actually extend the life of the shoe itself.” - Deborah Meaden

The clear heel stoppers from Clean Heels are just the thing to keep you looking like a picture of poise and elegance no matter the occasion. Designed to keep your pristine heels from sinking into the grass and protect them on uneven surfaces, our heel stoppers are clear so as not to detract from your killer footwear. 

Made from high-quality plastics right here in the UK, the clever heel stoppers flexibly fit around the heel of your shoes and work behind the scenes with great results! Along with making you unsinkable on even the softest turf, these ground-breaking (or not!) gadgets offer improved balance on both uneven and soft flooring. Simply fantastic when all eyes are on you as you glide down the aisle! 

The benefits of heel stoppers don’t stop there either. As well as keeping you strong and stable as you step out in style, they also stop heels from scratching wooden floors. Simply push the heel stopper onto the heel until the soft tubing is securely fixed...and off you go! Our heel stoppers are available in three sizes: petite, small and medium for all shapes and sizes of heel.