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Something Blue for Your Wedding: Adding a Touch of Timeless Elegance

17th May 2023 - View more blog articles

Fashionable "Something Blue" Accessories:

Delicate Blue Jewelry: Adorn yourself with exquisite blue jewellery pieces such as sapphire earrings, a turquoise pendant, or a dainty blue topaz bracelet. These stunning gems will not only complement your attire but also add a subtle touch of blue, effortlessly enhancing your bridal ensemble.

Elegant Blue Shoes: Step into your future with grace by donning a pair of stylish blue shoes. Whether you choose pastel blue pumps, navy satin heels, or intricately embellished cobalt sandals, your "something blue" will peek out from beneath your gown, captivating the attention of your guests and leaving you feeling enchantingly beautiful.

Handkerchief or Garter: Incorporate a cherished family heirloom, or invest in a special handkerchief or garter featuring delicate blue embroidery or a discreet blue ribbon. These small but meaningful touches can be easily tucked away, serving as your hidden "something blue" while carrying sentimental value throughout your wedding day.

Embroidered Monograms: Infuse your bridal attire with personalized sophistication by incorporating embroidered monograms or initials in blue thread. From discreetly placing them on your veil or gown to adorning your handkerchief or robe, these elegant touches add a bespoke charm to your wedding ensemble while ensuring your "something blue" remains close to your heart.


Decorative Elements and Floral Accents:

Blue Blooms: Integrate the colour blue into your floral arrangements by selecting exquisite blooms such as hydrangeas, delphiniums, forget-me-nots, or cornflowers. These captivating flowers, whether used in bouquets, centrepieces, or venue decorations, will imbue your celebration with a sense of ethereal beauty and tranquillity.

Table Settings: Enhance your tablescapes by incorporating blue accents into your place settings. Opt for delicate blue china, glassware with blue detailing, or charming blue napkins and table runners. The combination of white or ivory with blue will create a visually striking display, evoking a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Blue Candles: Infuse a soft and romantic ambience into your wedding venue by incorporating blue candles. Whether scattered throughout the space or grouped together on tables, the warm glow emitted by these candles will cast a magical hue, adding a dreamy and enchanting aura to your special day.


Remember, the "something blue" tradition is flexible, and it's up to the bride to decide how she wants to incorporate it into her wedding day. The goal is to have a meaningful item or detail that represents the color blue as a symbol of good luck and happiness for the couple's future.


To Conclude

By thoughtfully incorporating "something blue" into your wedding day, you embrace a beautiful tradition that connects you to the past while embracing the future. From subtle accessories to stunning decor elements, the possibilities are endless for infusing your celebration with timeless elegance. Let this cherished tradition guide you as you embark on your journey of love and commitment, creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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