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Things your wedding guests won’t worry about (that you shouldn’t either)

28th June 2018 - View more blog articles

Wedding planning can be one of the most exciting times of your life, but it can also be one of the most stressful. With apps like Pinterest and Instagram at our fingertips, many brides feel the pressure to keep up with the Jones’s and bandwagon on the latest wedding trend.

However, what these beautifully curated Instagram accounts don’t tell you is that even the smallest mason-jar-wildflower centrepiece can stretch your budget when you start adding in all of the extra the designer details, and recreate it 20 times over. Before you know it, you can be over-budget and all your guests will really remember of the centrepiece is when your father-in-law has spilled his Merlot on it.

So, to help to keep your stress levels – and budget – to a minimum, here are a few wedding details that your wedding guests really won’t worry about, that you shouldn’t either.

Overly Elaborate Centrepieces

Though your table centrepieces can enhance the overall look of your wedding, it’s unlikely your guests will notice whether you used lilies or tulips. What they will remember, however, is whether they were able to chat to the other guests across the table from them. So, why not forego the elaborate centrepieces in favour of more delicate accents such as colourful scatter crystals or decorative wedding place cards.


Wedding Favours

Wedding favours, believe it or not, date right back to the 16th century when couples would give each of their wedding guests a ribbon love knot to represent their bond of love. Nowadays, wedding favours have become increasingly more elaborate – and, in turn, increasingly more expensive! Though there is no denying that they’re a sweet gesture, after an evening filled with food and wine, guests can often leave these trinkets behind, or even lose them – which is a shame if you’ve spent a large portion of time and money on them. Instead of expensive favours, why not put that portion of the budget towards beautiful bridesmaid gifts or sweet rag dolls for your flower girls and page boys – after all, your guests will already be more than happy with a nice meal and a fun evening celebrating your love!


The Wedding Cake

Of course, your guests are going to appreciate a beautiful wedding cake – after all, who can say no to a slice of cake!? What they won’t really worry about, however, is the extravagant design of it. Recent statistics have shown that wedding cakes can cost up to £10 a slice for the more intricately designed ones, which can really add up if you consider your guest list! However, if you have your heart set on a particular design, your cake doesn’t have to break the bank. Why not consider a scaled-down version of the cake of your dreams, and simply order a tray-bake in the same flavour to ensure that all of your guests get a slice of the good stuff!


Finally, the most important thing is that you and your spouse-to-be enjoy yourselves, so try not to worry to much about keeping your guests happy – they will be glad to see you both having a fun-filled, stress-free day!

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