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How To Care for Your Veil

1st January 2022 - View more blog articles

So, you’ve chosen the perfect veil to complement your wedding dress and it’s now en route to you as we speak. But how do you care for this delicate accessory once it arrives to ensure that it looks picture perfect for the big day? Whether your veil is made from classic tulle or Italian tulle, or it features intricate lace motifs or delicate beading, we’ve put together a guide to help you to keep your veil in beautiful condition for the big day and beyond. First of all we’d recommend trying it on with your dress and having a little happy cry at how beautiful you look. But after that, it’s important to store your veil the right way to make sure it stays in perfect condition!

How To Store Your Veil Before The Big Day

There are two factors to consider when it comes to storing your veil before the big day. The first is the storage environment itself and the second is the method you use to store the veil. Below, we’ll give you some pointers on both to help preserve and protect it.

Where to Store Your Veil

We highly recommend that you store your veil in a wardrobe or cupboard where it has plenty of space and it is unlikely to be touched too much. While all of our stunning veils are delivered to you in a beautiful parcel and wrapped in tissue paper, it’s best to remove your veil from its box and hang it up in a roomy, dark, dry area. This will stop discolouration and reduce the chances of the veil snagging on any other clothing or items. High temperatures, humidity and light exposure can all lead to discolouration and changes in texture so it’s essential to choose your space wisely.

As much as we love kids, dogs and cats, little hands, dirty paws and animal hair aren't a veil's best friend either! For that reason, if you have children or pets, try not to leave your veil on display and accessible to them - especially unsupervised.

How To Hang Your Veil

How you hang your veil will depend on the length and style of it. Depending on where you buy your wedding veil from, it might come with a special veil hanging hook. These are normally designed with a clip which won’t damage the delicate fabric of the veil and give you the opportunity to store your veil without needing to fold it, which means no creasing!

Another layer of protection you can use for your veil is a storage bag. While there are specialist wedding veil storage bags available, a suit carrier will do the job just as well, helping to protect your veil from sunlight, dust and the gaze of your partner! We’d also advise that you hang the veil in a warm room a couple of days before the wedding to allow any creases to drop out.

Floor length, cathedral and chapel veils can be more difficult to store because of their extra fabric. For these types of veils, you might want to invest in a veil hanging hook that features an extra attachment specifically designed for longer veils. These types of hangers allow you to fold the veil over to avoid creasing and to prevent it from resting on the floor or being stepped on. If you aren’t able to get one of these, you could use a trouser hanger instead!

These types of storage solutions can be applied well after the big day, too. Especially if you plan to preserve it and pass it down to generations to come.

How To Remove Creases From Your Veil

If you've stored your veil in a safe place, the risk of deep creases forming should be greatly reduced. Small, fine line creases are not uncommon however but don’t worry, these typically drop out on their own if you hang your veil up correctly.

If the creases are stubborn, you could try hanging your veil in a steamy bathroom, the steam should help to loosen the fabric allowing you to smooth the creases out safely. Some veils can also be straightened using a handheld steamer but we highly recommend taking extra care with this approach.

For extremely stubborn deep creases, consider taking your veil to a professional dry cleaner who specialises in handling delicate fabrics. You may also want to do this if your veil is embellished.

How to Preserve Your Wedding Veil

Once your special day has passed you may want to keep your veil as a special momento. To preserve your veil long after the big day, you should start by making sure that it's completely clean and free from any stains before storing it. If your veil is made of delicate fabric such as lace or tulle, we recommend having it professionally cleaned first.

Once it’s clean, store your veil in a breathable garment bag or acid-free tissue paper to prevent any yellowing or discoloration. Try to lay it flat in a box or on a shelf, away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

We also recommend checking on your veil, and your wedding dress too if you’re also preserving this, to make sure it's still in good condition.By following these simple steps, you can ensure your veil stays beautiful for years to come and may even make for a gorgeous keepsake to pass on to future generations!

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