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What is a Birdcage Veil?

1st April 2021 - View more blog articles

Birdcage veils have been loved by alternative and retro brides looking for that piece de resistance to their wedding day look! These types of wedding veils are a gorgeous great choice for brides who dream of gliding down the aisle while showcasing their own unique style, and a firm favourite here at Lace & Favour.

What is a Birdcage Veil?

A birdcage veil is the shortest type of veil you can choose for your big day. They are worn over the face, with the netting or tulle acting as a blusher which is pulled back to reveal the radiant bride before the first kiss of the married couple.

There are lots of different birdcage veils to choose from. Variations largely come down to the type of material used and the length of the veil. Typically, birdcage veils come in different sizes. The shortest are usually around 9”. These types of veil are like a fascinator and are often worn at an angle, covering only one side of the face.

Longer birdcage veils are available in lengths of 12 and 18”, which reach to the tip of the nose or cover the whole face. We think these types of veils are great because of their versatility. They can be worn in a variety of positions (for example, to one side or straight back) and angled to create a sense of drama or ethereal romance depending on your preferences!

The History of Birdcage Veils

Birdcage veils became popular back in the 1940s. This was largely because, both during and after the second world war, there was a shortage of fabric which meant bridal veils couldn’t be as long or as elaborate as they once were.

The sophistication and chic aesthetic of the birdcage veil caught on and it has continued to be a popular choice for many brides since. And what’s not to like? Not only are these versatile wedding accessories stunning and available in a wide range of designs, they’re also super practical too, allowing you to enjoy wearing a veil for the whole of your big day if you prefer without it getting in the way.

How To Wear a Birdcage Veil

How you wear your birdcage veil is totally up to you! The beauty of this type of veil is there are a wide range of styling options which can help you show your unique personality and style.

Birdcage veils are often worn at the crown of the head, with the net or tulle pulled forward across the face. The length of the veil will dictate where it falls. For example, 12” veils should rest just above the tip of the nose, while longer ones will reach the chin and frame the whole face.

Another way of wearing a birdcage veil is to put it at an angle. For the shortest of veil types, this means the tulle or net will fall elegantly over one eye. For longer variants, wearing at angle can create a dramatic, sweeping effect that frames the face and oozes romance.

Another great thing about birdcage veils is that they work with all kinds of bridal hairstyles, from pixie cuts to updos and tumbling tousled tresses!

Shop Birdcage Veils with Lace & Favour 

Here at Lace & Favour, you’ll discover an exceptional selection of wedding veils, including gorgeous and chic birdcage designs. These breath-taking veils feature designs from iconic wedding designers and brands, such as Joyce Jackson, Rainbow Club and many more.

From simple birdcage veils to elaborate beaded and lace designs, all our gorgeous veils are available to buy online today with worldwide shipping!

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