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Choosing The Song For Your First Dance

8th March 2021 - View more blog articles

The first dance, the moment you will join your partner on the dance floor, with all eyes on you and the look of love in your eyes. How do you put a soundtrack to such a monumental moment in your lives? Well, it isn’t going to be easy, but the way we see it, there are a handful of routes you could go down to choose that first dance song.

Sticking With Tradition

There are a few songs that will literally never go out of style, classic tracks that were almost written for a first dance. Think romance and slow, swaying movements, to some of the greatest tracks of all time, including power ballads of the 80s to modern love songs. Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift spring to mind, as well as Westlife and maybe even Bryan Adams. While they may not be your cup of tea normally, there is a reason these types of songs are so popular, so don’t rule them out just yet.

Something Personal

Many couples have a song that resonates with them, an inside joke, or a song that reminds them of the time they met. Whatever the reason behind it is, you can’t usually go wrong with a personal choice like this. You could even tell the story of the song to your guests which makes for perfect conversation when you are doing the rounds.

What’s In The Charts?

How about a song that will always remind you of the day you got married? Looking for a song in the charts that is current right now is a good way to commemorate the day, and every time you listen to it, it will transport you right back to the moments you said ‘I do’ and danced together for the first time as a married couple.

Something Unexpected

This one is a curveball but can be pulled off. The song doesn’t have to be a love song and it can be something totally random and unexpected. If you met at a concert, perhaps a song from that, or maybe the track from your favourite musical to watch together. Whatever it is, it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else, just you two.

If you are on the fence, it is best to create a shortlist, and pop them into a playlist for you to listen to, and gradually whittle it down to one or two. Your first dance song sets the tone for the entire wedding, and it isn’t something people tend to forget! While it sounds like we are piling on the pressure here, simply choose a song that you can imagine dancing to, with the love of your life in your arms.

So, you have chosen the song, but there are a few more steps, pardon the pun, before you reach the dance floor on your special day. Let’s just say that practice makes perfect…


Whether you are a seasoned pro or have two left feet, rehearsals are necessary. Unless you have spent many a night on the dance floor together, you will need to get used to moving with each other. You could opt for professional lessons if you’re taking it extremely seriously, or maybe some living room sessions are just the ticket to dancing up a storm for your guests.

A Test Run In Your Space

Make sure whatever you have prepared works in the space you will be dancing in. While we are not expecting a Rumba or a Foxtrot, it makes sense to road test your dancing skills in the space you will be dancing in, complete with shoes as well, to check the floor for slippery spots and suchlike.

Dancing In Your Dress

While we are not suggesting your other half sees the dress, hello, bad luck! We would say try out dancing in your dress beforehand, to check you have the range of movement you are looking for. If you are opting for a gown, it may change things significantly, so just keep that in mind and avoid any dramatic dance moves that could leave your dress torn in two!

Consider Your Wedding Shoes

Naturally, after thinking about your wedding dress, you also need to consider your wedding shoes. At Lace & Favour, we very much believe that your wedding shoes are just as important as your wedding dress. Whether you opt for a stylish pair of heels to walk down the aisle or you'd prefer to rock a pair of dainty flats, it's hugely important to make sure that you feel comfortable all day long. If you're worried about your shoes, check out our handy guide which features several tips for making your wedding shoes more comfortable

Stuck between choosing a pair of flats or heels for the big day? Why not wear both! It’s not uncommon for a bride to switch between the two during the day and it can mean that you can dance the night away comfortably without sacrificing on style.

Wedding Shoes

Don’t take it too seriously!

Remember that this is supposed to be enjoyable, so don’t take it too seriously and enjoy every second of it. Expect tears and an overwhelming sense of emotion, as you dance around the floor with your love.

Those are our tips for choosing a wedding song and let us say, we do not envy you! It is one of the hardest decisions of the wedding and particularly tricky to agree on. Whether you are at the beginning of your planning journey or looking for those few final touches, let the team at Lace & Favour help you out. We are in the business of weddings and would love to help you find the missing parts to your puzzle.

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